Instantly we connected on a deeper level than I had with any other friend. It didn't take long for both of us to realize we were falling in love with each other.

Gina and I worked together at Sports Authority back in the summer of 2013. We were really great friends instantly, always giving each other a hard time on the headsets and seeing who could throw balls the furthest across the store (we worked hard though, I swear). Gina was dating somebody and I was in-between figuring out who I was and what I wanted out of life. College and softball were my main focus and Gina was nothing but supportive. Instantly we connected on a deeper level than I had with any other friend. It didn't take long for both of us to realize we were falling in love with each other.

I went back to college and Gina continued her day to day life in Crystal Lake working and going to school. Nothing was ever really talked about or figured out, but all I know is I wanted Gina to have a very predominant role in my life.

Over the next year, we struggled to maintain a platonic friendship. I wish I could go back and live through some of those moments honestly. We would write letters to each other and sneak away to call each other on the phone. Both of us knew it wasn't just a friendship and with that came extreme guilt for her (Gina) significant other. Her relationship was crumbling as ours was emerging. Gina wasn't ready to leave her girlfriend and I didn't want to be the reason she left her, so we tried cutting it off...multiple times.

So many letters written to each other were good byes. Every time we tried saying good bye, I'd find her driving to Chicago at 11 pm to see me. After all the back and forth and all the times we tried resisting each other, we would find each other.

Finally the next summer we started dating and the past five years have been absolute bliss. It's the kind of cliche love you see quotes and posts on facebook about. The next summer, I came out to my parents and told them about Gina. Unfortunately, they were not receptive and this caused me to move out. Gina opened her home to me when I had absolutely nothing to give back. I had two duffle bags of clothes and thats it. Gina is genuinely my family and all I have when it comes to a home to go to and someone to rely on. I can't really put what we have i words, but I have grown immensely these past five years being her other half.

When did you come to the realization you were head-over heels, Noah + Allie in love?

One month after meeting her.

Their favorite pieces to their love-story |

  1. How much love there is...it's absolutely insane.

  2. We both are the life of the party and instantly creates close relationships with others and own the room we are in without having to physically be next to each other.

  3. Our appetites and appreciation for food....we both can absolutely SMASH food

  4. The day to day functions of our lives....we always find time to sit and talk with each other

  5. How we both dream of the future with such high expectations....this always keeps both of us continuing to aspire to be better.

Eleni + Gina | Engagement-NKP-27.jpg

Lessons in love…

It truly is the most precious thing. Money, materialistic things, etc. don't matter unless you have someone to share them with. Energy and vibes truly exist....fate will pull you towards that person. I still can't believe I found mine at 20 years old. I never imagined I would find someone I feel so incredibly deeply for. I didn't want marriage or kids or any of it until I met Gina.